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          1. The Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success

            Rated 4.76/5 based on 119 reviews
            Learn the 30 best practices of the bestselling self-published ebook authors.

            This updated January 2014 edition of the The Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success has already helped tens of thousands of self-published ebook authors publish more professionally.

            This ebook is a must-read for every writer, author, publisher and literary agent. More
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            About Mark Coker

            I'm Mark, founder of Smashwords. Our mission is simple: we want to create the world's single best ebook publishing and distribution platform for our indie authors, publishers, literary agents and retailers.

            I'm co-author with my wife of Boob Tube, a novel that explores the wild and wacky world of Hollywood celebrity. I also wrote the Smashwords Book Marketing Guide (how to market any book for free), the Smashwords Style Guide (how to format, produce and publish an ebook) and The 10-Minute PR Checklist (helps entrepreneurs and business managers think more strategically about public relations. It's not written for authors, though some authors find it valuable.).

            When I'm not writing or working on Smashwords, I enjoy gardening, traveling and hiking tall mountains, the tallest of which has been Mt. Kilimanjaro.

            Write me at first initial second initial at you know where dot com (though please direct all support inquires to the "comments/questions" link you'll find on any Smashwords page).

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            About the Series: Smashwords Guides
            Learn how to publish ebooks with pride, professionalism and success! These free guides have been downloaded over 700,000 times, making them an indispensable resources for authors looking to learn the best practices of the most successful ebook authors.

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            Noel Wellington reviewed on July 27, 2020

            Mark is the real thing! You cannot fake it! If one is inspired about something, I can tell it by reading several pages at most. Well, Mark is inspired by helping authors to be successful, and he takes it seriously. After reading "The Secrets of Ebook Publishing Success" I know that I can trust Mark. I must admit that I have not yet published anything at Smashwords because I am waiting for multiple agents to process my queries, but if I end up having to go the self-publishing route, I promise that every Mark's recommendation will be given a very good consideration. Thank you, Mark!
            (review of free book)
            Rowan Kohll reviewed on March 8, 2019

            This book is genuinely inspiring. After reading it, I am excited afresh about being a writer, and have lots of great ideas to put into practice. The themes in the book I think are most important are:
            How ebooks are ever-fresh, whereas paper books have a "ticking clock" which starts as soon as they get into the bookshops.
            How you can keep tinkering with your book until you hit the right thing that makes it go viral.
            How marketing is important (and this book has plenty of great ideas!) but the best way to go viral is to write a great book.
            Thanks for everything, Mark!
            (review of free book)
            GiselleAndTomB reviewed on July 25, 2018

            I think i can now master writing for e-books. this book was easy to understand.
            (review of free book)
            BongoDog reviewed on June 19, 2018

            also helpful!
            (review of free book)
            Ross Lyn Cairns reviewed on March 29, 2018

            I am so glad i stumbled across Mark Coker. I had researched a variety of self-publishing books, but the Smashwords Style Guide was so practical and detailed I know I wouldn't have got anywhere without it. I love the Secrets because of the acknowledgement 'First write a great book' being 80% of the job. I am aware the indie market is crowded now, which is exactly why we need to study the marketing guide, to become the cream rising to the top. Thanks for your generous help, Mark
            (review of free book)
            Ronald Walker reviewed on Dec. 15, 2017

            The Secrets To Ebook Publishing Success flourishes the mind with the many outlooks to look upon eBook marketing rewardingly, wisely, and successfully. Not only is it a knowledgeable guide prevailing many marketing outlets that you could perceive from. It installs within you the rationality that could give you the ability to reach for higher perspectives. Indeed, it’s a book to have in your arsenal towards helping you inspiringly reach higher bounds. Ronald Walker
            (review of free book)
            Chris Mason reviewed on Oct. 28, 2017

            A good book. A bit basic perhaps. Also many of the things talked about in the book seemed to me to be common sense. However, this was still a good read.
            (review of free book)
            jellyroll5000 reviewed on Sep. 26, 2017

            Great ideas a few years ago, but the indie author space is so crowded. It's a one in a million chance of achieving success. Either way, this book can help for anyone who wants to try. Thanks, Mr Coker
            (review of free book)
            jackjohnson reviewed on July 20, 2017

            Simply put this is required reading for anyone who even hopes to achieve any success as an indie author. The market is massively overcrowded, so all of these tips and tricks are needed just to get started.
            (review of free book)
            TiraGP reviewed on July 20, 2017

            A very nice set of instructions for marketing your ebooks, but these methods will likely apply to selling just about anything on line. The author is savvy to the various technology and marketing / networking methods, but I wonder if someone does all this will it really increase their chances of success?
            (review of free book)
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